Our breeding station SDYRON*SK is situated in protected landscape area „Strážovské vrchy“ below Košeca castle ruins from 1560 in little village Malé Košecké Podhradie. Picturescue scenery of this environment is appropriate inspiration for breeding such noble creatures - cats.
At the present time there is a principal programe in our breeding station, the breeding of two noble breeds -  Don Sphynx (DSP non) and  Bengal cat (BEN).
Our breeding principal condition is prefering quality to quantity.  Our demonstration is beautiful pair Don Sphynx (DSP non) imported as the first kind of this cat to Slovakia.
Let me shortly introduce to You the cat breeds kept in our breeding station.

DON SPHYNX (DSP non) - hairless cat

The official records about hairless cats existence reach till Aztec culture. Later their presence was described in Mexico in 1900, in India and Marocco in 1934 and Paraguay in 1939.  Because there was no hairless cats breeders, individual exemplares died out. However, the nature demonstrated it´s force for sustentation of this animals and offered the second chance for humanity.  The first individual - hairles cat was born in domestic cats litter in 1974 in Waden (Minnesota, USA). In the end of  70-ty years there are another three hairless cats appeared in Canada, in the Toronto streets. There was a great breeders interest to hold this kind of hairless cat and the first successes appeared in its topcrossing and breeding. This new breed of hairless cat got name SPHYNX. By the origin country there is often used the name The Canadian Sphynx too.
The miracles happen. On the other side of the world was born my first child (son) in 1987 and at the same year was born an unique hairless cat „Varija“ in Rostov on Don at experienced breederess.  „Varija“ is an ancestress of the new breed of all the hairless cats, to whom was given the name DON SPHYNX.  The family cat Varija became special mainly for its dominant gene „HR“ for hairlessness. This gene is transmissioned on all its descendants. This dominant gene „HR“ is the main sign which is the difference between Don Sphynx and Canadian Sphynx. Canadian Sphynx has the gene „HR“ recessive.
By the TICA (cat breeders organisation) request was Don Sphynx in 1997 accredited by WCF (world cat breeders organisation). On the May of 2006 in Roma was accredited by FIFe (European organisation of noble cats breeders) and there was self confessed a breed standard and EMS code „DSP non“.  Actually, Don Sphynx is in FIFe in the first degree credit. This means, that it can be award-winning by title“ max.interchampion“. The full appreciation of Don Sphynx in FIFe is expected from January 2009.

DON SPHYNX „DSP non“ - characteristic :

Don Sphynx is temperamental, curious, unconflicting, quiet, loving and undemanding cat.
The Don Sphynx body is elegant, flexible with firm skeleton of medium size. It must have strong rear legs, which are longer than front legs. It has oval paws and long fingers (monkey fingers). Among them there are so-called swimming membranes.
The Don Sphynx tail is long, straight, strong with rounded ending.
Its head has wedge-shaped form with wrinkles, the nose profile is medium long with rounded ending and soft stop. The chin is strong.  The Don Sphynx ears are big, open, mildly inclined forward with rounded ending. The ear width is smaller than the distance between ears.
The Don Sphynx eyes are big, amygdaloid or lemonoid (oriental tinge) - whatever eyes colour is accepted, but blue eyes individual are the hit of  present days.
The Don Sphynx body surface is covered by flexible, elastic skin, pleasant for a touch, with wrinkles on the head, neck, flancks and legs.
Some individual can have head, nose, legs and tail pilous, the hair lenght must not exceed
2 mm.  However, totally hairless cats are the most lucrative and prefered on the exhibitions. They should have little touchhair - it is not a condition. There can occur soft hairness on the little cats, which will perish during 2 years.
The Don Sphynx coloration can be various. In officiating the most points are assigned for full hairlessness and skin wrikling rightness.
The care for Don Sphynx is undemanding. Don Sphynx is the most sensitive for environment where it lives. Bad for it are big temperature fluctuation and dusty environment.
Its cleanness is kept by bath (4 times per month), possibly the skin wipe by damp soft rag.
In case of need, I shall provide You willingly the Don Sphynx care details.

The Bengal Cat (BEN)

You can find closer information about this rare cat breed, kept in our breeding station, on our website  www.bengalcat.sk